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The best way to use these Magnetic Drawing Boards

Updated: Jan 30, 2018

We live in the era of technology and it may be easy for us to put a child on '' the silence mode” by offering him a tablet or a smart phone. 

It crosses my mind that we make these choices when we don ' t trust ourselves that we can communicate to the child the importance of a moment and when, obviously, we don' t trust him. When we distrust our child it is due  to the lack of confidence in ourselves. 

Since all specialists say that the electronic devices are dangerous for the harmonious emotional development of children, we should listen to them.

When do parents use these  ''helps''? To the restaurant, in visit, when they can't or don't want to talk to them.

 To the restaurant, there are not just some parents and children sitting around the table but an united family made of grown ups as well as of children. The grown ups don't talk just to the other grown ups but also to children.  

Elegance, beauty, education and common sense develop with hard work and effort from our side. 

Everything is built up by hard work lasts in time and has greater value.

For this kind of moments I created the Magnetic Drawing Boards set.  It keeps the child focused on the drawing and there is no need to change the table's aspect by putting lots of papers and pencils on it. Their mind becomes creative not just active. A tablet for each family member offers the opportunity to create mini games which will thrill the little ones. For instance ''make a drawing of a certain dish'' or ''draw the objects placed on the table'', ''draw the waiter's shoes'', ''let's draw that exaggerated hairdo'' (your kid will like this indoor joke), or ''Guess the dish  from my drawing''. Here are some extra tips, in case you have forgotten the tablets at home  but notice that the dialogue with the child is continuous :))''Guess who's gonna be the first one among the clients to get up from the table'' ''Who's gonna get his plate first'' ''Who can see  a certain object'' ''The one who can whisper may receive at the end of the dinner, an extra dish or a desert of his choice.'' '' Who can guess the ingredients of a dish'' On the way towards or backwards the restaurant you may listen together this funny audiobook. Don't expect your child to listen to this audiobook or to read any book from own initiative as long as the smartphone or the tablet are handed to him easily. You must cultivate the desire to read or listen to educational tools. I am sure you can make it! I wish you could make it! Trust you and your child. He is your extension, so, if you don't like something about him just change yourself and you'll the results as time goes by.

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