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It's not just about the size, the quality of the plastic and of the finishes.

It's not just about the size, the quality of the plastic and of the finishes. It is also about the reason we created them and this is to unite people, to connect to imagination using the reality not the virtual environment.

When you offer a tablet to a child you give him the chance to discover himself but a child with a tablet feels alone. We show him that he must be self - sufficient . This means that one must not depend on another person but seek for interaction. Two tablets give him the chance to connect with another person of same  or different age.

It is healthy to let the child entertain himself but when he'll see that other children have friends and it became difficult for him to make friends, he'll be hurt.

So, these magnetic drawing boards will challenge your child to search for a play mate. He will determine friends, brothers or parents to work, draw or play together. Don't push him away. I always make reference to myself when it comes to situations when someone pushes me away and I ask myself: do I like this? Do I like when someone pushes me away ? I choose the principle which says " explain in the same way you would like to be explained". So....I offer to the children those ways I would like to be offered if I was in their place. I often ask them, would you prefer to play now for 15 minutes or play together for an hour after I finish my "thing" ? It really works.

To spend time with the loved ones when you believe and know that you don't have time it is the supreme achievement. It can't be put into words the satisfaction that this action offers you.

Everything is about priorities. Check upon what you have to do during a day or a week and reprioritize. Imagine that something drastic would happen. What would you cut from the list and what would  affect you the most? What would be the worst to happen, what would you loose if you had to cut that certain thing from your to do list?

Disconnect for a while from technology while you spend time with your loved ones like, for example, switch off the phone.

Pay attention to them and your mind will thank you!

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